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founded in 1995, is a Polish company that produces devices in the field of Physiotherapy. In 2010-2014 and 2015, it was awarded the Qayzil quality award.

Products: Laser, Ultrasound. Produces products related to Magnetic, Electrotherapy, and Vacuum therapy

Sixtus Italia

Sixtus Italia: 

Operating since 1974. It is the leader in the Italian market. It is the sponsor of many Italian sports teams.

Products: Kinesio tapes, pain relief sprays, protective and restorative bandages, ultrasound, laser, Cryotherapy, and Magnetic devices.

DJO Global

DJO Global: 

DJO® is a dynamic, innovative global company that is always growing in the United States

Products: Knee & Hip Support, Electrodes, Knee Immobilizers, Rehabilitation, Cold & Heat Therapy, Traction Therapy, Treatment Tables, Therapeutic Exercise, Wrist & Thumb Supports, Ultrasound Therapy, Laser Therapy, CPM, etc.



Since our founding in 1916, in addition to our own research, ITO is a Japanese manufacturer of a wide range of physiotherapy products, importing technologies from around the world to design and manufacture its numerous devices.

Products: Combination Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Shock Wave Therapy, Radio Frequency Therapy, Microwave Diathermy, Traction Therapy, Electrotherapy, LIPUS Therapy (for Bone Growth), High Energy Laser Therapy, Short Wave Diathermy, Magnetic Field and Vibration Heat Therapy, Electroacupuncture and etc.



is an Italian brand developed in the field of pain treatment and rehabilitation. Provides physiotherapy products to many countries of the world