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A German company serving patients in more than 100 countries worldwide with unique, safe, and reliable products, including pacemakers, drug-eluting stents, implantable defibrillators, and remote control services.

Products: Cardiac rhythm management, Arrhythmia monitoring, Angiography-plasty, Peripheral invasion, etc.

Sasan Medical

Sasan Medical: 

is a Turkish company that has been manufacturing medical products for open heart surgery and hemodialysis since 1982. SASAN products are exported to many European countries and many Middle Eastern countries

Products: Hemodialysis catheters, Excorporeal tube sets, Pressure monitoring sets, Chemotherapy sets, etc.



SCW, a CHINA company, was founded in 1996. SCW specializes in anesthesiology, critical care, and angiographic accessory products.

Products: Consumables for Angioplasty, Angiography, Peripheral, Anesthesia, Urology, etc.



It is a German company that produces medical equipment for the field of Cardiosurgery.

Products: Aortic cannula, Venous cannula, ECMO, Hemofilter, etc.

Peters Surgical

Peters Surgical: 

Manufacturer of many products. Leveraging 90 years of continuous innovation and medical expertise, Peters Surgical focuses on two primary therapeutic areas: Cardiovascular Thoracic (CVT) and Surgical Specialties, which primarily include Gastrointestinal Urogenycology (DUG).

Products: Sternum Wires, Cardiosurgical Sutures, etc.